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The Noord Nederlandse Orgel Academie in Groningen is a small private academy for organ, harpsichord, church music, improvisation which is lead by Stef Tuinstra. It was founded in 1992 and means to promote and stimulate the art of organ playing with the aid of the unique instruments in the north of the Netherlands, especially in the province of Groningen.
In principle important organs in that region are used for the lessons, but there is the possibility of visiting organs as well in the Netherlands as e.g. in Norden or Hamburg in teams.

By means of education in individual lessons, courses and excursions in and outside the country one gets perception in the organ playing, organ literature, historical instruments and the relationship between them. The aim is that organists will be aware of the universal possibilities of an organist with his or her instrument amidst the rest of the music culture. In former centuries it was quite usual that the organ was integrated in the music culture but in the previous century this vision went strongly to the background.
Therefore special attention is paid to the way of registration and the relationship with the choir – and orchestra culture. 
There is a prominent place for the direct comparison between singers and the art of playing the instruments which are imitated in the organ. ( Stringed- and wind instruments).

It depends on the literature that is to be treated which organs are used to teach the students.