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Organ lessons

The NNOA has several study branches. 
The Organ and Improvisation branches are meant for professional organists, school musicians and music scientists who studied the organ and harpsichord as minor subject. 
Non-professional musicians can also actualize and extend their knowledge at a semi-professional level to a limited extent. The NNOA also offers lessons on harpsichord.

Accompaniment of congregational singing and knowledge of organ building in relationship to the separate organ construction styles of several ages and regions - especially those of the North Sea-coast - are also part of the lessons. Among the photos you see the by the NNOA mostly used teachingorgans in the province of Groningen. On hand of these organtypes one can get a clear insight in the possibilities of registration, which can be practiced in a wider connection on other organs.

The NNOA keeps in touch with the Schumann Academy in Zwolle and with several Music academies and universities in The Netherlands and abroad (Keisen University Tokyo-Tama Japan), the Organeum in Weener (Ostfriesland, Germany), the Stiftung Musiqua Antiqua and Ostfriesische Landschaft, (Aurich,Germany) Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken, Stichting Groningen Orgelland, Stichting Martinikerk, Stichting Der Aa-kerk, Stichting Hinsz-orgel Midwolda, Stichting Hinsz-orgel Leens, Stichting Schnitgerorgel Noordbroek, Stichting Organeum Groningen, Nederlands Instituut voor de Orgelkunst, Verenigingen van organisten in Nederland, municipalities and the province of Groningen.

Duration of study is unlimited. Students register for at least one year, after that one can stop the lessons every trimester.
The frequency of the lessons: at least one lesson each trimester. The most usual is one or two lessons a month. The costs are based on the real number of lessons. The student can rent the many famous in organs in the province of Groningen for a daily period. Because the NNOA wants to promote these unique instruments, there is a discount rate for students of the NNOA.

In cooperation with the Schumann Academy in Zwolle it is possible to graduate for the “Nederlands Vakdiploma Muziek “ (Stichting Nederlandse Vakopleiding Muziek-SNVM) or the Dutch diplomas in Church-music. (Competence 1,2,or 3).

During a free lesson level and aptitude are tested.

On request the student gets a certificate with an overview of the study subjects. 

Nieuwe Kerk Groningen (J.W. Timpe 1831 – 42 stops)

Dorpskerk Midwolda (A.A. Hinsz 1772 – 33 stops)

Jacobuskerk Zeerijp (T. Faber 1651/Edskes-Blank 1979 – 19 stops)

Dorpskerk Noordwolde (H. Huisz 1658/H.H. Freytag 1802/N.A. Lohman 1833 – 20 stops)

Dionysiuskerk Uithuizen (A. Schnitger, 1701/A.A. Hinsz 1785 – 27 stops)

If wished lessons can also take place at other representative organs in Groningen